We Are


Sacrefilms is a full-service media agency that focuses on helping businesses achieve sustainability and profitability by communicating effectively with their customers and increasing sales through compelling and creative content development that engages the target audience and drives action.

By collaborating with a diverse cross-section of our community, we help tell stories with impact.

As a premier content creation studio, our services include:

Film/Tv Production(documentaries, commercials, brand videos, explainers, feature-length and short films), EventPhotography and Videography, Live streaming, and Media buying (Social media management, Digital TV station.

We believe in simplicity over complexity, substance over trends, and although every project is unique, our process to achieving each individual client’s goals is consistent. We are passionate and motivated. Driven, with an entrepreneurial spirit. Resourceful, innovative, forward-thinking and committed.



Empower human beings to achieve their fullest potential. We are storytellers of truth and fate and want to inspire those around us.

In the world, we live in today, where people increasingly recognize that tackling problems like climate change, inequality, and health care requires a systems approach. The work of systems change involves seeing systemically looking at the elements, interconnections, and wider purposes of systems and acting systemically. Storys play a vital role in helping us do both of these things.



Sacrefilms seeks to become one of the biggest film agencies with many impactful film projects that will leave a mark on the world’s widest film distribution networks.

We also want to provide value to your business through:

• video content strategy

• video production

• media consumption insights, and

• media buying counsel.

We believe that for all the 17 goals and their sub-targets to be achieved there needs to be a great story. That story can be told in different ways and at different times, but it has to be told. We will like to use our video expertise to journey with this change process.

Our Market

We target social impact organizations with a focus on any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We typically engage organizations with creative social problem-solving ideas without resources to tell their stories to the world. We have had an overwhelming number of partners so far ranging from organizations working in areas of ‘No Poverty’ to ‘Partnerships for the goals’. Our support has also influenced new initiatives in the space and we are very excited about this development

Our Plan

We see ourselves as enablers and promoters of good movements. We plan to implement a train the trainer programme for local resource people throughout Ghana. Our aim will be to create more change makers who will then become local storytellers for their respective district in Ghana. We will embark on this in all 16 regions of Ghana and make that naturally trickle down to all districts under the regions.


creative team

Mawule Messan Dodji

Founder & Managing Director

Richard Kelly-Doe

Director of Photography

Kate Essien

Project Lead

George Bani